3D Scanning

Utilising a state of the art hand held Scantech 3D Scanner, we can quickly and confidently 3D scan most objects with a metrology grade accuracy of 0.02mm + 0.08mm/m. 

Our scanning services range from:-

  • scanning an onbject and providing you with point cloud or mesh data
  • Creating a water tight mesh for direct replication of an item (3d printing)
  • GD&T and part dimensional accuracy analysis
  • Reverse engineering a parametric surface / solid part 

Most of our customers use our services to Scan a vehicle or component, give a brief of what they would like fitting to the vehicle or how, and then we use the scanned data to reverse engineer the components involved and create the solution in CAD.  we can then 3D print the part on our large platform suite of printers to test fit and gain approval from the customer.  At this point the files can be handed over to the customer to use with their chosen supplier with ongoing support from us.

 Scantech 3d Scanner HScan 331

3D Scanning Highlights

Before scanning your project we will determine the compatability with our scanning solution and advise if any special steps will need to be taken.  For example, with black and reflective objects we may need to cover the object with our chosen developer spray to facilitate the scan.  

After extensive testing, our chosen developer spray is the AESUB blue solution.  We prefer this over other coatings thanks to its advantages features such as:-

  •  Disappearing state of the art technology
  •  No cleaning required
  •  Thin and homogeneous coating
  •  Free of pigments
  •  Developed and approved by scanning experts

Once sprayed onto the object, we can successfully scan the part and within hours the spray will completely dissapear leaving the part exactly as it was before the scan, with no cleaning required.

AESUB Blue Scanning Spray

  • Our hand held laser scanner is connected to our powerful CAD laptop meaning we can scan anywhere from on-site in your workshop, in our office, or in the field.  We go wherever the job is. 
  • With a scan area of 225mm×250mm we can quickly work over the car or object capturing 265,000 points per second.


Hand Held 3D Laser Scanning

  • Measurement distance of 300-550mm suited for automotive applications
  • 6 DOF (degrees of freedom)
  • 265,000 points per second
  • Resolution of 0.05mm
  • Accuracy of 0.02mm + 0.08mm/m