3D Scanning - Full vehicle Body Surfacing

Here you can see the complete exterior project of a 1984 Mazda 727C which showcases the abilities of our 3D Scanning technology. 

In this example we highlight the ability to scan multiple large pieces of bodywork, align and reverse engineer them into a highly detailed & accurate models.

The customer requested a full vehicle scan to aid in their nut & bolt restoration of this future museum piece.  The customer asked for all of the exterior and interior surfaces to be replicated in CAD to aid their design and fabrication of some long lost components, as well as a period correct fitted roll cage and drive train. 

After sitting outside in Japan for over 20 years since its Le Mans debut, a quick clean of the shell and application of targeting markers was required before we set about scanning the car.  

We then took the scan data and created a NURBS Surface model of the 3 individual sections (Nose Cone, Cockpit & Engine Cover).  Comparing the 3D surfaces we created to the original scan data, we can see that the exterior surfaces are replicated overall within 0.2mm of the original bodywork. 99% of the surfaces are within 0.03mm, on a car that is over 4m long and 2m wide!

Left to right - Scan Data,  3D Surface Model,  Accuracy Check (Green surfaces are within 0.2mm of the scan data)

The final models were then saved as aligned individual components in the customers chosen format, so that they can quickly and easily be opened and worked on.  A secure link is sent over to download and inspect the data, with continued support and the ability to download the file as many times as required provided as standard. 

Incredibly happy with the finished product, we were invited back to complete several further projects, as well as a complete scan and 3D build of the custom gearbox used in this car to ensure it fits the 13B Wankel engine being installed. 
Details of which can be found here.

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